Fly Fishing Film Tour Wichita

This weekend, March 28, the Great Plains Nature Center is hosting the annual showing of the F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour presented by the Flatland Fly Fisher’s Club. There will be some great films showcased. Come on out to Wichita and enjoy the show.


This is Fly 50th Issue

Check out the latest issue of This is Fly.

This is Fly, This is Fly magazineIt is their 50th issue and full of great fly fishing!

#MuskyMeatMonday Fly Explosion

So it looks like I’m going to the 2015 Hardly, Strictly Musky – The Southern Classic in Tennessee! So in preparation I’ve been lashing buck-tail and feathers to giant hooks in epic proportions. Thanks to Brad Bohen for sharing his knowledge at the Iron Fly Springfield I was able to attend!

I have tied enough to fill my Fish Pond Sushi Roll, so I figured I would share them. I found out that I love tying these giant streamers! If anyone is going and would like me tie some for them shoot me an email and I will hook you up!

#KansasDay 2015 and why you should go fishing

Today we celebrate Kansas Day. Kansas entered the Union as the 34th state on January 29, 1861. The KDWPT says we celebrate by fishing. I agree!

Kansas fishing

The Zudbubbler Bass Popper – Fly tying

All of this cold weather has me thinking of summer and, nothing is more fun than catching bass on a popper. The felling when a smallmouth launches out of the water and smashes a popper is one that you don’t forget. It will make you want to fish poppers for the rest of the summer.

During the Iron Fly event in Springfield I was given a sample pack of Zudbubbler popper bodies to try out.  They are an easy to use foam body that slides over the hook. I tied these on a Gamakatsu B10S hook. Start by tying in saddle hackle or marabou as a tail. Add in some legs. Then palmer a hackle feather to cover your tie in area. Super Glue over a thread base will hold the body in place. Then the most difficult part of using them is getting the legs through (without the tool they sell). I used a bodkin to make a hole and pulled the legs through with a piece of wire. Add a couple of eyes if you see fit and get out a Sharpie for some highlights.

bass fly, bass popper

Zudbubbler popper

While I haven’t had a chance to fish these yet I’m sure they will produce some nice bass this coming summer. Keep an eye out when the ice goes away and the temps start to rise.

Winter Trout Fishing 1-10-15

The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Department finally got some trout to stock and the weather somewhat cooperated for me to do winter trout fishing. It was a warm 29 degrees out, but the 20+ mph wind didn’t allow me to stay out long. I did however talk my daughter into going and she decided to take the pictures while I fished. I hooked a few fish but only got one to hand.

What surprised me the most was when I got home and downloaded the pictures she took.

For a 10yr old with a point and shoot digital camera some of the pictures are really great!