About Donfishin

I’m just guy from Kansas that loves to fish. I’ve been fishing since I was old enough to hold a rod. My family spent almost every summer weekend camping and fishing Milford Lake in central Kansas while I was growing up. In this part of the counrty we catch white bass, crappie, and more bluegill than I can count.

In the summers I fish for Bass, but I wont turn away an chance to catch almost anything. In the winter I spend my time chasing pellet pigs (stocked trout) in the waters around Kansas.

Over the last few years I have learned the art of fly tying and rod building. I’m not a real artistic person so my creations are usually more functional than flashy.

Follow along as I share the experiences of my fishing adventures.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Don,

    I love the cover of your magazine.
    Is this online only?

    TBird aka Flyfishingdiva

    1. Donfishin says:

      It’s just an online blog where I share my passion for fishing and the outdoors.

  2. steve pursley says:

    Hi Don,
    My name is Steve Pursley with hitchnfish.com. We are a website dedicated to sharing the fishing story at a personal level. We came across your site and think what you are doing is awesome! We would love to be able to share some content and drive traffic from our site back to yours. Let us know if this is something you might be interested in. You can contact me anytime at steve@hitchnfish.com or 602.829.8824. Keep up the great work and fish on!


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