Bassassinator Fly 2.0

One of my favorite bass streamers is a pattern I call the Bassassinator. It has caught many bass for me over the years. It has evolved slightly since the first step by step I posted here. The major change is no more deer hair on the rear hook. I have also been tying it with a heavier wire front hook…


Here are the 4 main Musky patterns I will be offering from Yellow Sombrero Fly Co. Top to bottom. Musky Taco, Double Musky Taco, Musky Grande, and Super Musky Grande. Prices start at $12.50.


Start your week off right with some Muksy flies! These three are available. Email me at for info!

The End of 2016

What a year. It’s been a year of ups and downs. My broken leg incident took away the prime of my fishing season. I’ve got the hardware and scars to remember it.  I am finally back on my feet and walking unassisted. As soon as the ice is gone (or thick enough) I’ll be fishing! …

This is Fly #60

Check out the latest issue of This is Fly! As always it’s full of great stuff! 

It’s Getting Better – Broken Leg Edition 

Thats right my broken leg is healing well and I’m almost walking normal again.  I’ll have some pretty wicked scars for the rest of my life but at least I’ll be back romping the woods and waters again soon.  In fact I took my first unassisted steps this week. It was across my living room…

Barely Live Sessions 1st Birthday

Do yourself a favor and go check out the Barely Live Sessions 1st Birthday Episode. Paul and the crew get intoxicated and cover quit the array of topics, even a little about fishing. It all about #goodcleanlivin.


Here are some musky flies to start off the week. They are available on eBay. User dfish33.

Fly Tying – Big Fish Deciever

Here is a look at how I tie this full body deciever style fly. It consists of 4 feathers and some flash for the tail. Then reverse tie in bucktail. Finish off with a Flymen Fish Mask. It is a great fly for big bass and pike.