Fly Tying – Big Fish Deciever

Here is a look at how I tie this full body deciever style fly. It consists of 4 feathers and some flash for the tail. Then reverse tie in bucktail. Finish off with a Flymen Fish Mask. It is a great fly for big bass and pike. Advertisements

Pig Farm Ink Olympics

The Pig Farm Ink Olympics are coming to Pyramid Lake in a few days! It will be an amazing event. Check it out!

The Lack of Fishing

As some of you may know, my family and I have recently packed up and moved from central Kansas to NW Ohio. This move has been very taxing on my fishing time. I did manage to stop on my way through Indiana and fish with Dave from Pile Cast. While we didn’t catch any fish…

Springfield Iron Fly!

I figure the best way for me to share the Iron Fly event is this great video from Brian Wise. On the way down I stopped at Bennett Springs Trout Park and caught a few fish. Any trip to Springfield also includes a stop at the Bass Pro Shop. Overall it was a great trip….