Here are some musky flies to start off the week. They are available on eBay. User dfish33. Advertisements

#MuskyMeatMonday 6-8-15

Musky on a fly is one of the most trying species to catch. Just when your ego can’t take anymore casting, you get a big one following your fly right to the boat. Even if that fish doesn’t eat it was just enough to keep you going! Here are a couple of flies I tied…


Here are a few big meaty musky flies I have tied recently. I just wish I had time to go somewhere and fish them. Until then it’s back to the vise! Thanks to Flymen Fishing Company for creating such awesome big fly solutions!

Fly2Frame art and some #MuskyMeatMonday

I first got a taste of Fly2Frame art when they painted a smallmouth bass mural on the side of Schultz Outfitters at their Demo Days event. They also had some Cliff Bugger Beast fly boxed with custom artwork for sale. At the time I wasn’t in a position to pick one up but it was…


Today’s #MuskyMeatMonday fly is colorful. At 8″ long and full of contrast it’s sure to grab some attention.

#MuskyMeatMonday Fly Explosion

So it looks like I’m going to the 2015 Hardly, Strictly Musky – The Southern Classic in Tennessee! So in preparation I’ve been lashing buck-tail and feathers to giant hooks in epic proportions. Thanks to Brad Bohen for sharing his knowledge at the Iron Fly Springfield I was able to attend! I have tied enough…

#MuskyMeatMonday Fly

The #MuskyMeatMonday fly of the day is big, articulated, and pushes tons of water! The fish will crush it! What more could you ask for? I call it the Wiz Crusher. Only in black and yellow!