#MuskyMeatMonday 6-8-15

Musky on a fly is one of the most trying species to catch. Just when your ego can’t take anymore casting, you get a big one following your fly right to the boat. Even if that fish doesn’t eat it was just enough to keep you going! Here are a couple of flies I tied…

Everything But Trout Flies

It’s that time of year when the weather turns nice and it is time to get out and fish. Here are some of the flies I have been tying and fishing recently.


Here are a few big meaty musky flies I have tied recently. I just wish I had time to go somewhere and fish them. Until then it’s back to the vise! Thanks to Flymen Fishing Company for creating such awesome big fly solutions!

Caney Fork Trout Fishing 5-3-15

While in Tennessee for the Hardly, Strictly Musky event I couldn’t pass up the chance to fish the Caney Fork for trout. I had never fished there before but was fairly confident I could find some fish. I only had a couple of hours so I decided to fish directly below the dam. It was…

Hardly, Strictly Musky 2015 – What a ride!

Where do I start, my mind is still running a million miles an hour and it’s been three days since it was over.  I guess I’ll start with a little primer for those of you who don’t know. Hardly, Strictly Musky is a fly fishing tournament put on by Towee Boats out of McMinnville Tennessee….

#MuskyMeatMonday Fly

The #MuskyMeatMonday fly of the day is big, articulated, and pushes tons of water! The fish will crush it! What more could you ask for? I call it the Wiz Crusher. Only in black and yellow!