First camping trip of 2015 – Milford Lake Kansas

A couple of weekends ago I finally got around to taking the first camping trip of the year. The weather this spring has not co-operated with my scheduled days off. It seems as every time I have a weekend off it has been dumping rain with 40 mph winds or the temps were dropping into…

Spring Fishing – Milford Lake 2015

The warm spring weather has finally shown up and that mean I will be making more time to go fishing. This year fishing has been great at Milford Lake here in Kansas. I have managed to catch smallmouth, largemouth, wipers, and even a walleye while fly fishing. We have been getting rain at least a…

Everything But Trout Flies

It’s that time of year when the weather turns nice and it is time to get out and fish. Here are some of the flies I have been tying and fishing recently.

Fly Fishing Film Tour Wichita

This weekend, March 28, the Great Plains Nature Center is hosting the annual showing of the F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour presented by the Flatland Fly Fisher’s Club. There will be some great films showcased. Come on out to Wichita and enjoy the show.


Today’s #MuskyMeatMonday fly is colorful. At 8″ long and full of contrast it’s sure to grab some attention.

Kansas Trout Fishing December 2014

This past weekend I took Friday off so I would have a long weekend to do some fishing. I found out that the trout that were stocked this year have been from Colorado not Arkansas/Missouri, like we usually get. The majority of the fish seem to all be small but still fun to catch. The…

Holy Carp!

I went to do some fishing over my lunch break today and found that the carp are spawning. Lots of fish splashing around! There were a few 20+ pound fish out there. Naturally they didn’t want to eat anything I tried to feed them. Maybe next time!

Fly Fishing Film Tour is coming to Kansas – F3T

This coming Saturday (May 3) the F3T will be playing at the Great Plains Nature Center is Wichita KS. The Fly Fishing Film Tour is a showcase of some of the best fishing and nature short films. The local fly fishing club Flatland Fly Fishers will be hosting the event. Tickets are only $10.00. Buy…

8wt fly rod tested

Over this past weekend I received an email from Braden about the 8wt rod I built for him. It seems that he’s giving it a good test on the steelhead running the creeks and rivers of western New York. His description of the rod action was “It’s got the right whip and supple enough to…

Spinning rod builds

Everyone needs a heavy rod for the ocassional trip to salt water so here is an 8ft spinning rod I built. I also built a medium action split grip spinning rod that I gave away on Twitter . If your in need of a new rod drop me an email or tweet and I can…

Ice fishing rods

Ice fishing rods are a great platform for beginner rod builders to start with. They have few parts so they are quick to build and the cost is low. Here are a few builds I have done.