This is Fly – 65

Check out the latest issue of This is Fly! It will make that cold winter day go by much faster! Advertisements

This is Fly #60

Check out the latest issue of This is Fly! As always it’s full of great stuff! 

It’s Getting Better – Broken Leg Edition 

Thats right my broken leg is healing well and I’m almost walking normal again.  I’ll have some pretty wicked scars for the rest of my life but at least I’ll be back romping the woods and waters again soon.  In fact I took my first unassisted steps this week. It was across my living room…

Barely Live Sessions 1st Birthday

Do yourself a favor and go check out the Barely Live Sessions 1st Birthday Episode. Paul and the crew get intoxicated and cover quit the array of topics, even a little about fishing. It all about #goodcleanlivin.

Iron Fly -Springfield 2016

That’s right. Iron Fly is coming back to Springfield MO on November 4th. It’s sure to be an amazing time and something not to miss!

Rock Bass Fishing

I managed to get some time on the river today. I am still not walking unassisted yet so my access was limited. The fishing didn’t disappoint though. I managed quite a few Rock Bass, a largemouth, and some sunfish. A black Slumpbuster fly was the fly of the day. All the fish were small but…

Hopper Tying Tutorial

Here is great Hopper pattern I tie based on the Fat Albert Hopper. I use 2mm foam and UTC 140 thread. I also constantly spin my thread counterclockwise to make sure it is laying flat. Start by laying a thread base. I prefer a 2xh / 3xl hook for this pattern. I am using a…

The Easy Stone Fly Tying

It’s almost the time of year where Steelhead start migrating up the rivers. I figured I would share an easy to tie patterns that should catch steelhead and also works good for any trout species. So here is the Easy Stone. I start with a Mustad C49S in size 10. Create a thread base starting…

Pig Farm Ink Olympics

The Pig Farm Ink Olympics are coming to Pyramid Lake in a few days! It will be an amazing event. Check it out!