Knots for Streamer Fishing

Streamers! It’s the way to go for really big fish. Sure you can catch big fish on almost any method while fly fishing. There is just something so much better though when you’re stripping a streamer and you get to see that big fish chase it down and smash it. It is one of my…

Spey Flies – Tying Tutorial

Here is a fly that I am hoping will be my savior this spring on the Steelhead rivers here in Ohio. It swims great and I’m sure it will produce some fish. I start with a standard salmon fly style hook. Lay down a thread base and tie on a loop for the stinger hook….

New Issue of Swing the Fly is out – Summer 2015

If you have ever thought about fishing a two-handed fly rod then you need to check out the latest issue of Swing the Fly. It is full of great articles on using spey and switch rods to catch fish.

Not Just Trout Fly Tying Tutorial – Deceiver Fly

Here is my simple version of the time-tested Deceiver fly pattern. I have caught many bass on this exact pattern. I tie the majority on a 2/0 hook because it represents the size of the shad in the waters I fish, but it can be scaled up or down to almost any size. I also…

Not Just Trout – KC Maker Faire 2015 Recap

My family and I spent the weekend at the Maker Faire which is held at Union Station in Kansas City. We had attended previous years but this year was different because I wanted to share what I have learned about fly fishing. While out fishing I have run into many people who associate fly fishing…

So Much Water – The Road Trip Issue is out!

Check out the latest issue of So Much Water magazine.  It has a great review of the Hardly Strictly Musky tournament I recently attempted to fish in. If you know where to look I’m even in one of the pictures (if you squint your eyes just right). It also has some great information on fishing…

#MuskyMeatMonday 6-8-15

Musky on a fly is one of the most trying species to catch. Just when your ego can’t take anymore casting, you get a big one following your fly right to the boat. Even if that fish doesn’t eat it was just enough to keep you going! Here are a couple of flies I tied…

Everything But Trout Flies

It’s that time of year when the weather turns nice and it is time to get out and fish. Here are some of the flies I have been tying and fishing recently.

Iron Fly KC 2015

I spent last Friday night at the Iron Fly event held at Charley Hooper’s in KC. For those of you who don’t know what Iron Fly is, it’s like Iron Chef meets fly tying. The real purpose of the event is to introduce people to fly fishing and fly tying. Show them that it’s not…

This is Fly 50th Issue

Check out the latest issue of This is Fly. It is their 50th issue and full of great fly fishing!