Bassassinator Fly 2.0

One of my favorite bass streamers is a pattern I call the Bassassinator. It has caught many bass for me over the years. It has evolved slightly since the first step by step I posted here. The major change is no more deer hair on the rear hook. I have also been tying it with a heavier wire front hook…

This is Fly – 65

Check out the latest issue of This is Fly! It will make that cold winter day go by much faster!

February Smallmouth

When it’s 70+ degrees on a Sunday in February I’m going fishing. That exact scenario happened a few weeks ago. I have been exploring some rivers here in NW Ohio that are supposed to have Smallmouth bass in them. I found a nice area far enough up stream that water clarity was good and it…

The End of 2016

What a year. It’s been a year of ups and downs. My broken leg incident took away the prime of my fishing season. I’ve got the hardware and scars to remember it.  I am finally back on my feet and walking unassisted. As soon as the ice is gone (or thick enough) I’ll be fishing! …

This is Fly #60

Check out the latest issue of This is Fly! As always it’s full of great stuff! 

Barely Live Sessions 1st Birthday

Do yourself a favor and go check out the Barely Live Sessions 1st Birthday Episode. Paul and the crew get intoxicated and cover quit the array of topics, even a little about fishing. It all about #goodcleanlivin.

The Easy Stone Fly Tying

It’s almost the time of year where Steelhead start migrating up the rivers. I figured I would share an easy to tie patterns that should catch steelhead and also works good for any trout species. So here is the Easy Stone. I start with a Mustad C49S in size 10. Create a thread base starting…

Pig Farm Ink Olympics

The Pig Farm Ink Olympics are coming to Pyramid Lake in a few days! It will be an amazing event. Check it out!