New Issue of Swing the Fly is out – Summer 2015

If you have ever thought about fishing a two-handed fly rod then you need to check out the latest issue of Swing the Fly. It is full of great articles on using spey and switch rods to catch fish.

Yellow Perch fly fishing

A few weeks ago I was on vacation in Ohio and decided that I would try catching a yellow perch on a fly. I had never caught one before due to the fact that there are none in Kansas waters. I found out to one of the reservoirs that has a nice population of perch….

My first rod build

I first learned about rod building a few years ago. Being a fisherman and someone who loves making things I was drawn to it. The first rod I build was a casting style rod for fishing live bait for catfish. I decided on a 7 ft. fiberglass blank because I like the durability and the…