New Issue of Swing the Fly is out – Summer 2015

If you have ever thought about fishing a two-handed fly rod then you need to check out the latest issue of Swing the Fly. It is full of great articles on using spey and switch rods to catch fish.

Not Just Trout – KC Maker Faire 2015 Recap

My family and I spent the weekend at the Maker Faire which is held at Union Station in Kansas City. We had attended previous years but this year was different because I wanted to share what I have learned about fly fishing. While out fishing I have run into many people who associate fly fishing…

Yellow Perch fly fishing

A few weeks ago I was on vacation in Ohio and decided that I would try catching a yellow perch on a fly. I had never caught one before due to the fact that there are none in Kansas waters. I found out to one of the reservoirs that has a nice population of perch….

8wt fly rod tested

Over this past weekend I received an email from Braden about the 8wt rod I built for him. It seems that he’s giving it a good test on the steelhead running the creeks and rivers of western New York. His description of the rod action was “It’s got the right whip and supple enough to…

Spinning rod builds

Everyone needs a heavy rod for the ocassional trip to salt water so here is an 8ft spinning rod I built. I also built a medium action split grip spinning rod that I gave away on Twitter . If your in need of a new rod drop me an email or tweet and I can…

Ice fishing rods

Ice fishing rods are a great platform for beginner rod builders to start with. They have few parts so they are quick to build and the cost is low. Here are a few builds I have done.