Iron Fly -Springfield 2016

That’s right. Iron Fly is coming back to Springfield MO on November 4th. It’s sure to be an amazing time and something not to miss! Advertisements

Musky Meat Monday

Here are a couple more big Musky Gamechangers going to Virginia. These are money! Shoot me a message if your interested.

Fly Friday – 239 flies

On Fridays I am going to share some of my favorite fly tyers. To start this off I’m going to recommend you check out 239 Flies. Nick has some of the best looking fly patterns hitting the salt water right now. Plus he is selling some DIY tying kits so you can create some of his patterns.

Hopper Tying Tutorial

Here is great Hopper pattern I tie based on the Fat Albert Hopper. I use 2mm foam and UTC 140 thread. I also constantly spin my thread counterclockwise to make sure it is laying flat. Start by laying a thread base. I prefer a 2xh / 3xl hook for this pattern. I am using a…

The Easy Stone Fly Tying

It’s almost the time of year where Steelhead start migrating up the rivers. I figured I would share an easy to tie patterns that should catch steelhead and also works good for any trout species. So here is the Easy Stone. I start with a Mustad C49S in size 10. Create a thread base starting…

Pig Farm Ink Olympics

The Pig Farm Ink Olympics are coming to Pyramid Lake in a few days! It will be an amazing event. Check it out!

Beer and Flies!

The best way to end a Thursday is with beer and flies. Todays I tied up some large deceiver flies finished off with a size 7  Flymen FishMask! I am hoping to stick some big pike with these this fall. The beer I chose for tonight is a wonderful Scotch Ale from Oskar Blue called…


Today I tied up some slider style flies. They are a fun and easy tie. These are supposed to be a very effective fly. I have fished them very little but I hope one day to be throwing these at some big redfish.

Fly Tying Excess

Having to sit around with my broken leg has led to many flies being tied. This means I have an excess of flies and no means to use them right now, so I am selling my excess flies on Ebay. I figure it is one way to keep some cash flowing in to support my…

Flymen Shrimp & Cray Tail

Flymen Fishing Company makes some of the best fly tying products on the market today. One of my favorite products from Flymen offers is the Fish Skull Shrimp and Cray Tails. These weighted tails are perfect for tying shrimp and crayfish flies. They are simple to use and make flies look much more realistic. Here…