The Easy Stone Fly Tying

It’s almost the time of year where Steelhead start migrating up the rivers. I figured I would share an easy to tie patterns that should catch steelhead and also works good for any trout species. So here is the Easy Stone.

I start with a Mustad C49S in size 10. Create a thread base starting neat the eye of the hook.


Next add a small amount of dubbing to the thread and create a ball at the end of the thread base. I am using SLF squirrel dubbing because I like the buggy look it creates.


Next take a pair of goose biots and tie them in as tails on each side of the dubbing ball. I like to wrap the butt ends of the biots up the hook to help build a taper.


Next add 6 to 7 wraps of lead. In this size I am using .020 lead.


Wrap back over the lead and create a taper at the rear of the lead.


Next take add more dubbing to the tread and wrap a tapered body to the mid point of the lead.


Once you reach the mid point of the lead tie in a goose biot on each side with the natural curve to the outside.


Add more dubbing to your thread and dub a thorax slightly larger than the rest of the fly. Leave room at the eye to tie off.


Whip finish a few times to create a small head.


There you have it. It seems like quite a few steps but once you get going it doesn’t take long to crank out a dozen of these. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and even add a hot spot of another dubbing color at the front.




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