Knots for Streamer Fishing

Streamers! It’s the way to go for really big fish. Sure you can catch big fish on almost any method while fly fishing. There is just something so much better though when you’re stripping a streamer and you get to see that big fish chase it down and smash it. It is one of my favorite things in the world!

One important (often overlooked) thing to improve your streamer fishing is the knot that attaches your streamer to your tippet. A loop knot will allow your fly to have much more action than a regular style knot. One of the easiest is the non-slip mono loop. Here is a great video on how to tie it.

Here is another video of a great option that is a little more complicated. The Double Figure 8!

Both of these knots work great will all sizes of line and will allow your fly to have a greater range of motion. Good luck and catch some fish!


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