The Broken Leg

Well its been 7 weeks since I broke my leg riding a mini-bike. Its been 6 weeks since they put me back togeather. I have metal screws and a plate holding my leg back togeather now. I have a new appreciation for people that don’t have two working legs. It has been very trying at times. Simple things like driving and even just walking to the bathroom now require much more work.

I had my check up today and was told my leg is healing well, but it will be 6 more weeks before he is going to let me walk on it. This is not what I want to hear but I guess the older you are the longer it takes to heal. I was finally able to get some copies of my x rays.

This one is from the ER before they did anything. I dislocated the bone pretty well and it almost came through the skin. It was a bad day!


Here is the one from today. It is much better!


I will be so glad when this is all healed up because I currently can’t fit in waders and steelhead season is coming fast!


1 thought on “The Broken Leg

  1. Oh my! I tore left ankle up several times over a couple years. Surgery this last early May…..a long rehab schlog so far. Be patient, because it will take quite some time to regain strength, mobility. Don’t be in a hurry to be hopping along on those boulders. Patience!! Best wishes!

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