Start again!

I have been neglecting this blog for way too long. I don’t know why. I think it was from a combination of things. Moving, new job, new and old friends that don’t fish. It could be that I just have not been fishing as much as I would like. That is all going to change. I am going to challenge myself  to post daily to get things back on track. So lets get things started!

When I was young, if I was not fishing on the weekends, my father and I would watch fishing shows in the mornings. Watching these shows I learned much about how to fish and where to fish. It is sad that many of these shows no longer exist. I would like to share one of those shows that I love to this day and it changed how I viewed fishing.

“Spanish Fly” hosted by Jose Wejebe was the first show where the host would use both conventional and fly fishing gear. He showed me how I could use a fly rod or conventional gear to catch more fish. Jose is one of the people that inspired me to pick up a fly rod and learn how to fish it. I still look back on the videos I can find of him and his show for the knowledge he shared. Jose was a very down to earth guy that was easy to learn from. As you picked up from the video he is no longer with us. He truly is a legend of the fishing community! The world needs more people like him so get out there and go fishing!


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