Spey Flies – Tying Tutorial

Here is a fly that I am hoping will be my savior this spring on the Steelhead rivers here in Ohio. It swims great and I’m sure it will produce some fish.

I start with a standard salmon fly style hook.


Lay down a thread base and tie on a loop for the stinger hook. I use fireline and make sure to leave it long enough to get the hook on and extended out the rear of the fly . Next I tie in a piece of tinsel and wrap it forward covering 2/3 of the shank.DSCF1022

Next tie in a set of dumbell eyes on the bottom of the hook shank.DSCF1023

Tie in a piece of cactus chenille where the tinsel stops.


Make 2-3 wraps of chenille creating a bump to prop up the rest of the materials.


Tie in the tip of a marabou feather in front of the chenille.IMG_20160209_201545349

Wrap the feather forward making sure to not trap any fibers.


The next material I add is called Spirit River UV2 Intreuder Spey Hackle. I tie in about 20 pieces spread around the shank.IMG_20160209_202208517Trim the butt ends and tie down the loose ends.IMG_20160209_202250909

Next tie in a hackle tip on each side just above the center line.

IMG_20160209_202356444Next create a dubbing noodle and wrap the dubbing around the collar and the eyes.IMG_20160209_202644873

Whip finish to tie off the thread.IMG_20160209_202814587

Add some head cement to keep it durable.IMG_20160209_202955388

Clip off the excess hook at the rear of the fly.

IMG_20160209_203113084To finish off the fly insert a stinger hook on the loop and your ready to fish!


A great thing about this pattern is it can be done in so many colors from mild to wild!


This fly is best fished on the swing. It has tons of movement and will work great for everything from bass to steelhead. Give it a try!


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