Pere Marquette – First trip

So a few weeks ago I managed to seek away for a Sunday on the Pere Marquette River near Baldwin Michigan. Being a 4 hour drive from where I am living, I drove up the night before and found a nice place to nap in the truck right on the river bank.

If you see my truck stop and say hi.
If you see my truck stop and say hi.

Sunday morning I started with a stop at The Fly shop at Baldwin Bait and Tackle to get some local info. This is the place to go if you need any info on where to access the river and how to fish it.


After learning where to go I found a nice trail leading to the river.

Fisherman's Trail
Fisherman’s Trail

At the end of the trail I finally got my first glimpse of the river.


The river is very easy to wade and has many pools and runs. Just down from the stairs I found my first fish. But, it wasn’t the live one I had hoped for…


Just down stream from that fish were a couple of nice pools that had some active fish. I fish these pools hard and had one tug but never managed to get a good hook-up. One outfitter floated through and hooked up but lost the fish when it jumped. It was frustrating to see these 25+ inch fish and not be able to get them to eat anything.

Despite the lack of fish caught it was great to get out on such a beautiful river, even if it was full of zombie fish.


I managed to not take any good pictures of the river itself. I guess I was too busy enjoying my time there. I am looking forward to fishing more of the rivers in Michigan. Who knows, maybe I will even catch something next time!


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