Sunday on the Water with The Midwest Drift!

Sunday morning began with a boom, literally. I had made plans to meet up with Luke from the Midwest Drift who I had met at the Iron Fly event in KC. The plan was to show him around my home waters at Milford Lake which is about 2.5 hours west of KC. When my alarm went off at 5 a.m. it was thundering and lightening filled the windows of my house. I quickly grabbed the phone and called Luke up. He was half way here and driving right into a hell of a thunderstorm,being half way he just kept on driving. We met up and grabbed some food at the local IHOP for an hour until all the lightning was past us.

Around 7 a.m. we unloaded his Towee boat in the rain and hit the water. We pounded the banks and hookup with some smallmouth, but nothing of any real size showed up. I’m going to blame it on the rain!

Midwest Drift, towee boats, smallmouth fly fishing, notjusttrout, Kansas smallmouth, Flyfishing

We also chased the White bass and Hybrid bass busting schools of baitfish, but that is something that you can go crazy doing this time of year. It seems as soon as you get on them they are gone. We both managed to hook up fish but they were not being very cooperative in coming in the boat. I got one in and Luke early released his boat-side.

Midwest Drift, towee boats, smallmouth fly fishing, notjusttrout, Kansas smallmouth, flyfishing
Pic courtesy of Midwest Drift

As the rain stopped and the sun came out it felt like we were in a steamer. The temperature only showed 87 but my weather app. said it felt like 95. A few more small fish were caught but we were having to really work for them. We decided to load up the boat and go give the spillway outlet a try.

Towee boat, Midwest Drift, Flyfishing Kansas, Kansas Smallmouth Bass, Kansas Fly fishing
You can’t beat a Towee for fishing!

I told Luke that there were some large carp in the outlet but they we picky and hard to get to eat. He took that as a challenge and as soon as we found some he began cycling through flies and trying to get them to eat. He finally hooked up on his Curable Crab pattern. It was a beast of a carp too. He gave it all his 7wt fly rod could and it just wouldn’t turn to come in close enough to grab. Right towards the end it came up to the surface and started to come closer to the bank, then decided to turn and run back to the middle, that’s all it took and the line snapped. That carp would have easily went well into the 30 pound range. I found some wipers (hybrid bass) feeding in some fast water and caught a couple while Luke hooked another Smallmouth.

Kansas fly fishing, smallmouth bass Kansas, Wiper fishing Milford lake, Midwest Drift, Kansas bass fishing

It turned out to be a good day of fishing despite the less than ideal start. The afternoon weather was humid but it could have been much worse. It was great to finally get and fish with Luke. I’m looking forward to chasing some fish in his part of the Midwest soon! Check out his website at The Midwest Drift and follow him on instagram @the_midwest_drift. Next time I’m going to get Luke on some of the bigger wipers if we can find them!


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