#TarponTuesday 7-7-15

Many dedicated fly fisherman lust after the same thing I do, a week in a tropical paradise casting to 100+ pound tarpon and watching them explode out of the water after you perfectly strip-set. Well, I have to feed this desire and keep from blowing out the bank account with 1000+ mile trips to the saltwater so I tie flies. Not only does this calm my itching desire to disappear for a week to the coastal depths of the Everglades but it provides me with a large supply of flies to use when that time comes.

What a better way to share this than #TarponTuesday. Here is what has been coming off my vise. These flies should be great for Tarpon, Snook, and whatever else eats baitfish!

#TarponTuesday, tarpon fly, saltyfly, saltwater fly

#TarponTuesday, tarpon fly, saltyfly, saltwater fly, snook fly, #notjusttrout


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