First camping trip of 2015 – Milford Lake Kansas

A couple of weekends ago I finally got around to taking the first camping trip of the year. The weather this spring has not co-operated with my scheduled days off. It seems as every time I have a weekend off it has been dumping rain with 40 mph winds or the temps were dropping into the 30’s at night (I don’t have a sleeping bag good enough for sub-40 temps). A weekend finally came along where the chance of rain was in the 40% range and it was going to be nice out. The wife had to work so the daughter and I packed up and we were off. We decided to camp at Rolling Hills Campground of Milford Lake. It’s been quite a while since my daughter has been camping so I figured a place with toilets and sub 3ft tall grass would be the way to ease her back into camping. We arrived around 7pm Friday evening. I went about setting up our Nemo Asashi tent. I had forgotten how easy that tent is to set up, 2 poles and its standing, 2 more, throw over the rain fly and I was done.

Nemo 4 person tent, nemo tents, nemo asashi, milford lake kansas camping

I decided to do some fishing before it became dark. The water was high and very muddy in the area we were camping. Apparently the fish had decided to move out to cleaner water. I didn’t have a bite all evening other than the mosquitos that were eating me up. I decided shortly after dark to call it quits and make a camp fire.

milford lake camping, campfire, milford lake kansas camping

Callie and I sat around the fire, roasted some marshmallows, and chatted into the night. I noticed as I was crawling into the tent some lightning off to the north. I looked at my trusty weather app and it said the rain was going north of us.

Well a few hours later around 4 am I awakened by loud thunder and the wind had picked up. I rolled over and checked out the weather and not to my surprise there was a fairly large storm heading right at us. They were predicting golf ball size hail and that’s not something I want to experience in a tent. I woke Callie up and we climbed in the truck right before the rain started. It proceeded to rain heavily for the next 45 minutes. Luckily the hail never formed. Saturday I ended up having to go into work, but only until 1pm. When I got back to the campsite it had warmed up nicely into the 90’s. The lake level was continuing to rise from the rain and the fish were nowhere to be found. I let Callie swim for a few hours and after looking at the weather we decided to pack it up.

Milford lake Kansas, Camping, Kansas Travel
The view of a disappointed fisherman!

It wasn’t the greatest of trips as the weather cut it short and the fishing was lousy but it was nice to get out and spend some family time outdoors.

We did stop and rescue a snapping turtle and a painted turtle crossing the highway.

Turtle rescue, painted turtle, kansas turtle

The snapping turtle didn’t want my help but he got it anyways.

Kansas snapping turtle, turtle rescue, angry snapper
Ready to pounce! Watch your fingers!

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