Caney Fork Trout Fishing 5-3-15

While in Tennessee for the Hardly, Strictly Musky event I couldn’t pass up the chance to fish the Caney Fork for trout. I had never fished there before but was fairly confident I could find some fish. I only had a couple of hours so I decided to fish directly below the dam. It was probably the worst time to be fishing, around noon and the sky was clear blue and bright as can be. The thing that had me most excited was that my brother in-law from Ohio was with me and I was hoping to get him his first fish on a fly. He is new to fly fishing and really motivated to get out and learn. I rigged up a 5wt with a dry dropper for him and I grabbed my Redington Dually 6wt Spey rod to try swinging flies in hopes for a bigger fish.

Caney Fork Fly fishing, Caney Fork trout fishing
The kayak hatch was large that day!
Caney Fork Fly fishing, Caney Fork trout fishing
A buff was needed with all the sun.
Caney Fork Fly fishing, Caney Fork trout fishing
Fishing the Caney Fork

Swinging flies was not working too well for me as there wasn’t enough current. Nymphing paid off though as it wasn’t long and I netted my bother in-laws first fish on a fly. It was a small brown trout. Shortly after he followed up with a little bit bigger rainbow. I got a couple small tugs but nothing wanted to eat my fly.

Caney Fork Fly fishing, Caney Fork trout fishing
Netting his first trout on the fly for him. Our wives were taking pictures from the bank behind us.
Caney Fork Fly fishing, Caney Fork trout fishing
Caney Fork rainbow

While walking back up to the restrooms in the parking lot, I noticed a man getting a Gheenoe boat ready to launch. I stop to ask him about his boat and the fishing as he was local. He gave me some great info I can use next time. After talking for a few he mentioned he ran the website and said he would hook me up with a sticker (good ole’ Southern hospitality). Check out his website he has some really cool decals and is a super nice guy.

localwaters decals,
Check his website out! Lots of cool stickers!

I just had to order the Collins River Musky sticker when I got home. He was also interested in my spey rod so we walked over to the grass and I showed him a few casts and let him try a few. He seemed to like it even though its hard demonstrate on land.

Shortly after that we had to take off because the family had to head back to Ohio. I didn’t catch any fish but I was okay with that as I got to put my brother in-law on his first trout on a fly.


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