Redington Dually Spey Fishing

After a year or more of wanting a spey rod I finally gave in a bought a Redington Dually 6126-4. It is the spey version of the Dually in a 6wt. The reason I went with the spey model over the switch is that I play to only spey cast with this rod and I already had a Rio Skagit Max Short line in 425gr. that would pair up perfectly with that rod. Upon opening the rod, the first thing I noticed was 12’6″ is a long rod. This thing looks huge. I’m not sure I like the cork reel seat but it’s not that much of a turn-off either.

Redington Dually review, Dually 6wt

The temperatures are starting to be ideal for the wiper and white bass to start running but as it turned out the lack of water is really hurting the fishing.

White Bass fishing, Kansas white bass

I found a fairly deep pool and started casting. I am not very good at spey casting as I am totally self taught and have never used a real spey rod before. I have read plenty and watch many videos so I had a general idea of how to cast. I don’t know if I was doing it right but I manage to get the line out there and I learned about how not to cast.


I wasn’t able to find any fish and I didn’t feel too bad about it because no one else who was fishing there caught anything either. I did however have a great time spey casting. I am sure the Dually is going to be a great tool to fish the larger rivers. I am looking forward to trying it out on the White River in Arkansas. For the low price I don’t think you can find a better deal on a quality spey rod.


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