The Sculpin

This morning I find myself daydreaming about the monster trout of the White and Norfork rivers in Arkansas. What allows these trout to grow so big is such an amazing food chain. One link of this chain has been on my mind ever since my last trip to fish these waters, the sculpin.

White River, sculpin, Norfork River

During my last trip to the Norfork my daughter and I found a sculpin that was freshly deceased. It gave me the opportunity to explain to her how some of the trout grow so big in these waters. Ever since that day, that sculpin has been stuck in my head.

white river sculpin, Norfork river sculpin, trout fishing, arkansas,
Sculpin of the Ozarks

Sculpin, white river brown trout, flyfishing,

On my next visit to the area I am going to be prepared with a box of big meaty streamers so I can target some of the carnivorous trout. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of the 30″+ fish will be hungry that day! Until then I’ll keep tying and dreaming.

Galloup's Sex Dungeon
Big trout streamer

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