First fish of 2014

Saturday the tempature warmed up to the mid 50’s so I had to take a trip to fish for some freshly stocked trout.

I figured since they were fresh out of the tank the fish would eat a nymph. So I geared up and headed out.

The stream I decided to fish is the seep stream behind the dam at Kanapolis lake. It takes a mile walk to get to the good part.


My walk in did not go very well. About half way in my boot sole decided to delaminate its self.


Luckily I had some 20lb mono in my pack. A few wraps later and I was back in business.


So I got back to the fishing and it wasn’t long and I had a fish on.


I managed to catch a few out of each pool.



The last pool I fished I hooked into the biggest fish of the day. I would have never guessed it would be very big. It didn’t fight as hard as some of the smaller ones. It was a big old rainbow with torn up fins and ragged gill plates from too much life in a tank. I decided that its chance of surviving were slim so I decided to take it home and feed the family.

By this time it was really warming up and more people were showing up so I decided to head home.

It was a great first fishing trip of the year and I hope I have many more just like it.


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