Five Days of Fishing Day 1

With Labor Day weekend right around the corner I decided to take a few extra days off and make it an extended weekend. That’s right five days off in a row. Might not be much to some of you but for me its a rare thing.

Over the next five days my goal is to fish everyday.

Today I spend the later half of the morning fishing the outlet of Milford lake. I was hoping to find some carp to make some use of the flies that I won in the Carp Week giveaway from TLTFF

Check out TLTFF great blog!
Check out TLTFF great blog!

I didn’t find any carp but the sunfish still liked the fly I was using.

8-13 035

As I was fishing I walked up on a big snapping turtle. He hung out beside me for awhile and then swam away.

Big turtle
Big turtle

The biggest action of the day was when these came swimming along.


Naturally I had to cast to them. I had switch flies to one of my EP fiber baitfish. The fibers get tangled in the teeth. I laid out a nice cast and one of them followed the fly almost to my feet but never ate it. I waited a few minutes it circled back around this time I cast almost perfect. With in a few strips of the fly it snapped onto my fly and the fight was on. It turned and headed for the deep water, shook its head a few times and sliced clean through my leader.

I tied on a 20lb leader and new fly to try again. I had a few more follows but no more takes.

Tomorrow I am heading for the Ozarks in Missouri to catch some trout. Hopefully I will have internet to update.


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