Schooled by Carp

With today’s warm weather I decided to spend my lunch break fishing. I figured with the rain we have been getting that Milford Reservior outlet would have some water flow but still be clear enough to sight fish for carp.

The weather is almost perfect, just over 80 degrees and a slight breeze. It made for a nice walk down to the hole I wanted to fish.

Beautiful Kansas Day
Beautiful Kansas Day

The water was lower than I wished for, but it’s been awhile since I had been out fishing and it was not going to get me down.

Usually there are some bass in this hole.

Usually deeper.
Usually deeper.

The drought is really going to make fishing rough this year.

So I found a pool with some depth and I could see some fish moving around in it. I made my way down to the water and just as I was tying on a fly three good size carp cruised passed me.

There's a carp in there!
There’s a carp in there!

Naturally I got all excited and my first cast piled up right on top of the carp and spooked them. So I composed myself and made a decent cast in front of a single large fish that was cruising towards me. He paused just long enough to get my hopes up and then turned away.

And that is how the rest of my fishing went. I changed fly colors and sizes and everything got refused.

At least I got to spend time enoying the nice weather. I learned that I have alot to learn about catching carp on a fly.

Maybe next time!

Skunked again.
Skunked again.

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