Weekend Fishing Update… Finally

Spring is finally here in Central Kansas. With spring comes some of the best fishing of the year. The white bass and wipers begin to migrate up rivers and the bass begin the move shallow to spawn.

Saturday afternoon the wife and I decided to go check out the Cottonwood river that flows into Marion reservoir. Growing up I had some amazing days of white bass fishing on the Cottonwood, but over the past few years the fishing just has not been the same.

With the drought problem we are still fighting the river was unfishable in many of my favorite spots. We moved closer to the lake and found a spot that had water and hopefully fish.

After working the along the bank for about 30 minutes I finally hooked my first White bass.

Bait size White Bass
Bait size White Bass

I’ve used bigger shad for bait.
Not long after I caught another small White Bass and a baby Largemouth bass.
fishing 027

fishing 026
We might not have caught very many fish but we did get a nice evening on the water.
fishing 028

Sunday was another nice day so we decided to try a smaller lake and drove to Marion State Fishing Lake. Unlike the other lakes this one must have some good springs feeding it because it is full.

The fishing was still slow. There were many people fishing but no one was catching anything. I managed to find a little bass and my wife also caught one small bass.

Marion Lake Bass
Marion Lake Bass

While we were fishing my daughter was enjoying the wonderful 70 degree weather. We were both surprised to find how tolerant this pair of geese were to my fishing and my daughters playing.

Pair of geese!
Pair of geese!

Overall we had a great weekend.

With spring here I am going to start fishing (and hopefully catching)more, so watch for more updates.


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  1. That’s workin it!:)

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