Finally I got out and did some fishing Sunday. It didn’t go as I had hoped. My wife outfished me.

The family and I loaded up and headed for Kanopolis Lake Sunday morning. The temperature outside was perfect. It looked like a great day to do some fishing.

When we arrived we found that the lake is way low and in some places hard to access due to the high banks. We finally found a spot to climb down to get to the water. My wife started fishing with her favorite pink and chartreuse grub. It wasn’t very long and she had the first fish of the day.

First fish of the day

It was a small channel catfish.

baby channel cat

We fished in the main body of the lake for a couple of hours and didn’t have any more luck. So we moved down to the outlet of the lake. I was fishing a shad pattern fly on my 5wt because I could see a lot of shad in the water but I just couldn’t get anything to bite.

Not long after we started fishing in the outlet my wife is hooked up with another fish. I could tell by her shout of ” I got one” that it was a better fish. I rushed over to where she was just in time to see her pull up her first ever Saugeye.


A couple of casts later she hooked a little bass.

Small bass

With my wife catching all the fish I was enjoying the scenery. Watching my daughter play with the dog. She decided I needed to catch a few frogs for her also. There were a lot of bullfrogs around.


Finally at the end of the day. I borrowed my wife’s spinning rod to make a couple of casts into the outlet waters. On my first cast a little white bass ate the grub.  At least I didn’t get skunked.

The one that kept me from being skunked.

The fishing might not have been great for me but it was a fun day!


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