Lunch time fly fishing 9-4-12

Today I decided to spend my lunch time fishing the outlet river of Milford reservoir. With the rain we have been getting lately I knew the water would be flowing quite well.

On the short drive to the spot I had in mind to fish I quickly ate my lunch and prepared myself to deal with the 95 degree heat out today. On arriving I noticed a nice amount of water flow and some herons already fishing in my spot.

Water flowing and a heron hiding along the bank.

So I headed down the bank and found me a nice spot to cast from. I rigged up my 5wt with a shad imitation and started casting. Next thing I know I see a 3 foot long gar swimming a couple of feet up away. So I adjust my retrieve and he snapped at my fly but missed it. I collect my line and make another cast, it’s looking like just the right placement, he turns a little as my fly approaches him. I made a couple of strips and he is following, then he must have seen me because he darted off to deeper water.

After that big let down I figured I would walk down aways and try a different spot. I took a quick break to eat a peach. Nothing beats a good free stone peach when its hot outside!


On the first cast I see a nice smallmouth come shooting up and smash my fly (maybe it was the peach juice). It had some fight in him for his size, making a couple of really nice jumps!

A nice smallie

It wasn’t a monster or anything but just enough to make my lunch time a lot more fun. I made a few more casts and couldn’t find any more takers. So I headed back to the car.

Hopefully everyone can get out, enjoy nature, and catch some fish. It only takes a little bit of time.


3 thoughts on “Lunch time fly fishing 9-4-12

  1. 95° now thats just showing off lol

    1. it was hot! It sounds better in celsius = 35.

      1. LOL.. a bit warmer than Newcastle UK!!

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