Fishing new waters

Sunday morning the wife and I decided that we were going fishing. I really wanted some new scenery so I decided to go try fishing at  Pottawatomie County State fishing lake. It is supposed to be a good bass and bluegill lake.

I know that going fishing on a sunny clear sky kind of day is not always the most productive weather for bass but I figured why not. So we packed up and headed out for the hour and a half drive. On the way we stopped at a gas station and a truck full of antlers pulled up next to us. I don’t know what he was doing with them and I didn’t bother asking.

The antler truck

When we arrived I got out my 5wt fly rod and gave the wife her spinning rod with a sassy shad on it. It wasn’t but maybe two minutes and she hooked the first largemouth bass of the day.

Not bad for the first fish of the day

It wasn’t long after that and she had caught two more bass.

My wife’s second bass
This one was a little smaller

By this time I was completely baffled. I couldn’t get anything to bite on any fly patterns. I threw every shad and bluegill pattern I had with me. I finally gave up and got out my daughters cane pole with a little jig on it and caught me a sunfish.

Nice little sunfish

Not long after I caught that one we decided to call it a day and head home. I guess it just wasn’t my day. But my wife sure did good.


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