August Fishing and Kayaking in Kansas – Bass fishing

Last weekend my family and I went to Milford lake and visited Acorn Resorts. They have some really nice Hobie kayaks they rent. We chose to rent a tandem kayak so I could take my daughter and wife out for their first kayak ride. It didn’t take long for us to decide that we will be investing in a couple of kayaks by next spring.

My wife (who is scared to go on almost any kind of boat) had a great time with me.

Paddling out.

My daughter also had alot of fun riding around with dad.

Kayaking fun

We found a little tree frog hidding in the kayak seat. It liked my green shirt.

Yep, thats a frog on my shoulder

Later in the week we did some fishing and managed to catch a small largemouth bass and some white bass. It was too windy to fly fish so I had to use a spinning rod.

My wife caught this Milford lake bass
White bass on the zebra mussels at Milford lake
My doggie wanted a bite of this white bass
The biggest white bass of the evening.

Overall we had a great week and alot of fun. More fishing fun coming soon.

Taking a break to sit down in my goofy hat and love on my dog.

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