Fly fishing Milford Lake Kansas

Early last week I made some time to finally get out and do some fishing. The weather here has finally started cooling off some and we are getting some rain. I was hoping fishing would be picking up some.

I decided to take my 5wt and try to catch that five-pound or larger smallmouth that I have been looking for all year. Well as many of you probably know my day started out with small fish (as usual). The first one of the day was exceptionally small. So small that I didn’t feel it biting on my fly. I managed to snag him in the lip and give him his first flying lesson on my backcast.

The rest of the evening was pretty normal. I caught a few of the foot long smallmouths, a white bass, and some bluegill.

Milford Smallmouth Bass
Milford Smallmouth Bass
This white bass had some fight in him
These guys always bite!

Overall it was a fun evening but I still didn’t get the bigger one I was hoping for. Maybe next time. Hope everyone has a  great week and gets to go out fishing.


1 thought on “Fly fishing Milford Lake Kansas

  1. some good colors on those fish. Better luck nextime. Still a lot of the season left.

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