Big Catfish Weekend

This weekend was a fishing mess for me. Saturday I had to work and didn’t get out at all and Sunday was spent all day fishing with out catching any thing. Ok well my daughter caught a tiny bluegill.

I’m blaming it on the weather change. It’s been a very hot summer with highs over 110 and lows usually dropping into the mid 80’s at night. Well Saturday night brought a cold front through and it dropped down to 60 degrees. It felt great but I think that drastic change had my fishing game off. I could not get anything to bite.

Enough of me whining about my inability to adapt to the changing conditions. There is a local group of fishermen ( Catfish Chasers) who put on a catfish tournament saturday night at Milford Lake. Some of the guys had a great night and others didn’t catch much at all. The winners had both overall weight and big fish as they brought in two big blues. The big fish pot had to be decided with a tie breaker second fish. Two people caught Bluecats that weighed 52.60 lbs. but the team that won had a second 45+ lb fish.

It was really fun to watch them weigh in all the fish. My wife and daughter had never seen the big catfish that are in Milford lake. Hopefully I can get a boat and get them out there so we can catch some in the future.


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