A Fishless weekend of camping

Well as you might guess from the title this weekend was my worst weekend of fishing in a long time. Friday evening my family and I headed for Lake Wilson in western Kansas. By the time we got there it was around 8:30 and the wind was blowing around 10 to 15 mph. We got the tent standing and staked down, thanks to help from my wife. Next I grabbed the air mattress (yeah I got to have my soft bed) and my 12v pump that plugs into the lighter outlet. That’s where things started going bad. None of the outlets in our vehicle wanted to work. So I decided to just call it a night and get up early the next morning.

Well morning time came around, along with a stiff back from sleeping on a sleeping bag on the ground. When did sleeping bags get so thin? I might as well just laid right on the ground. Anyways I noticed what looked like some strippers feeding about 50 yards off the shore, so I tied on a 1/2 oz Storm Wildeye Shad. With the wind blowing around twenty mph at my back I was able to cast out far enough to reach the fish. After a few casts I finally get a hit. It felt like a big one too as it was pulling against the drag on my reel. I fought it for a little till it decided to jump. As soon as it jumped my lure went one way and the fish the other. I stood for a moment in disbelief. Then it was right back to working up and down the shore.

I started fishing around 6am and by the time I hooked my second fish it was probably around 9. This time the fish wasn’t as big as the first one so I felt pretty sure I would be holding this one in a matter of moments. It felt like a decent size fish but was not as strong as the first one. All of the sudden I feel it heading for the surface and sure enough I see a good size smallmouth bass shoot out of the water, same thing just happened again. At this point I headed back to camp to make some breakfast.

After fighting to get my good old Coleman Camp stove light we ate our eggs and hash browns. The wind was now blowing a steady 20 with gusts probably around 30. My wife wanted to do some fishing so I got her fishing and I went back to fishing also. It was a clear blue sky with no clouds and the wind was just terrible. We fished all morning and into the afternoon. Finally I hooked another bass but it was way out there and you might guess it. First it dove for the depths then it shot up and tossed my lure just like the others did. My wife was in awe of the whole thing as I was in a state of “lost fish rage” you might call it. It was getting well into the 90’s so we decided to go to the beach and cool off for a while.

When we got back from the beach the wind had almost knocked the tent down. We all decided right then it was time to just call this trip a bust and head home. So we packed up and headed home. I learned that tent camping in western Kansas on a weekend with 20+ mph winds and very little trees around the lake makes for a tough weekend of camping.

Wilson Lake is a beautiful clear blue lake with lot of fish. Too bad I wasn’t able to share its potential with you. Oh somehow I only managed to get one picture of the lake, I guess I was too busy trying to figure out how to land a fish or maybe was it chasing camping gear blowing towards the lake. Maybe next time.

Crappy early morning cell phone picture of Wilson lake.

1 thought on “A Fishless weekend of camping

  1. That’s too bad that you didn’t get those fish in. It happens. At least you got to be outside for the weekend 🙂

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