A little of everything on the fly

My wife and I head to Milford lake Tuesday evening after I got off work. I decided to bring only my fly rod so I could get some more time practicing fishing with it.

When we arrived at the lake I got my wife fishing with a blue and white two and half-inch Sassy Shad. She managed to catch a really nice crappie. For some reason she still won’t take it off the hook and hold them. So she took the picture.

Nice Crappie

Over the weekend I stopped by the local tackle shop Chapman Creek Outdoors and picked up some new poppers. One of these is a little yellow stripped popper that I knew the fish would love. Boy was I right, the fish just ate it up almost as soon as it hit the water.

Bluegill on my favorite fly.

I was able to catch a little bit of everything on it too. I caught a lot of Bluegill, a little Largemouth Bass, and a little Smallmouth Bass. It was a lot of fun. Next time I am going to get out my 8wt and toss some big bass flys. Maybe I can get something bigger than my hand. Until then here’s some pictures of my evening.


5 thoughts on “A little of everything on the fly

  1. Definitely looks like summer. That is some great variety 🙂 nice work with the poppers. keep it up!

  2. WOW Im a long way from Kansas!! lol very nice blog

    1. It looks like you have some nice fish over there! Thanks.

      1. It is beautiful, the River blyth has mainly Brown trout and grayling in there.. all for £50 a season!

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