Weekend Pond Fishing

Sunday morning I was planning on getting up bright and early and doing some fishing at a pond that I have never fished before. Well I was woke up by thunder rattling the windows and rain pouring down. There went my plans. So I waited and around 10 o’clock it started to clear up, so I packed up and headed out with my wife and daughter.

Kansas has a great program called Fishing Impoundment and Stream Habitats or F.I.S.H. for short. It allows people like me to fish private waters that are leased to the state. There is some really nice ponds in the program, like the one we were headed to.

It’s been a pretty dry spring here so all the ponds are lower than normal. This one was no exception. But I figured we could drag a few through the weeds.

The pond

I tied a Rage Tail Toad in green pumpkin on for my wife and it wasn’t long and she had a small Largermouth Bass. She also had about a three-foot long Copperhead snake try to eat her lure. I have never seen her move so fast in my life. She tossed me the pole and headed the other way. I didn’t have time to catch a picture of him.

Little Bass

I took my fly rod and was trying to fish the few open areas that I thought I would be able to bring a fish through. I had one take my popper but he dove straight into the closest weeds and came off right away. I noticed some small Bluegill in the water around the edge so I started fishing for them. I managed to get one big enough to take my popper.

Popper’s bigger than his mouth!

I also got my daughter a little Bluegill on a tiny jig.

Tiny Gill

The water at this pond was really clear, so as soon as the sun came out the fishing got slower. We stayed a little longer but had no bites. I decided it was time to head home. If we get some good rain and the pond fills up it will be a lot easier fishing. Maybe we can catch more next time.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Pond Fishing

  1. Always great to fish some new water and have success. Sooner or later, that rain will come and I bet you slay ’em.

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