Memorial weekend fishing and fun!

Over the Memorial weekend it was pretty hot here in Kansas. At one time Saturday afternoon it was 95 and windy (20+ mph), so I stayed around the house and got some work done that needed taken care of. I also welded up some steel targets to take shooting next time I get to go. Remember not to weld with sleeveless shirt because exposure burn is worse than sun burn. Anyways on to the fun parts.

Sunday I decided to take the family to see some local sights and stop by a state lake I have never fished before. So we headed out. First stop was a historical spot called Coronado Heights. It’s a neat castle structure built on top of a big hill in the middle of nowhere. You can take a narrow staircase to the top and see for miles.

Coronado Heights  Going back down

My daughter really enjoyed the flowers and the lizards running around everywhere.

Next we headed to Maxwell Wildlife Refuge, which has buffalo and elk herds. I caught a few pictures of the buffalo as we drove to the lake.

McPherson County State Fishing lake is located on refuge land. It’s a small lake with many fishing docks and jetties. With the wind blowing directly into the dam I thought the face of the dam would be a good place to fish. I threw a 1/2oz spinner bait for awhile with nothing but some bluegill tugging on the skirt. So I switched to my ultra light pole and a hair jig under a bobber. It wasn’t long and I had caught a few bluegill and then a couple small crappie. My wife and daughter caught some bluegill also. My wife loves her pink and chartreuse grubs.

I made a short cast right up next to the rocks and as soon as my bobber hit the water a nice bass grabber my bobber. Naturally he spit it right out too. So I grabbed my bass rod back and tied on a Rage Tail Toad in green pumpkin. After a few more casts I finally hooked a nice bass. Right as I was trying to grab him the line snapped and he fell to the ground. Luckly I was able to grab him before he hit the water.

I released him and decided I had enough of fighting the wind and headed out. On the way out we spotted an elk so I took a quick picture of it.

In all it was a fun weekend. I hope everyone else had a great weekend too.


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