An evening of fly fishing for bluegill

It was finally a calm enough evening on Thursday (doesn’t happen often in Kansas) so I headed to the lake after work to do some fly fishing. I haven’t fly fished much so I am not a very good caster. When I got to the lake the wind had picked up so a little so instead of fighting my fly rod I started throwing my Zara Puppy. It wasn’t long until I hooked a Smallmouth Bass.

The kids like the Smallmouth

So the wind finally slowed down enough I thought I would break out the fly rod and see what I could do.  My fly rod is a Temple Fork Outfitters 8 1/2 foot 5wt with an old Matin 65 reel. First I tied on a stimulator fly. It didn’t take to long and I was in business.

Fly rod Smallmouth Bass 

After catching a few more Bluegills I thought I would tie a fly on that is a little larger so maybe I could get a few more Smallmouth Bass to bite. So I tied on a popper. It turns out that the Bluegill loved that thing. I think at one point I hooked up 7 times on 7 casts.

Popper Gill Bluegill

It sure was alot of fun and will definetly make sure I have my fly rod with me on every trip now. Plus with a fly rod I won’t have brain lapse moments like shown below.

Holy Crap

There was a picnic table behind me and my back swing on my cast had a little too much to it I guess. I found my hook buried in the edge of the table. I guess next time I will pay attention to whats behind me before swinging.

Hopefully after Memorial Day weekend I will have some big fish stories for everyone. Stay safe and have a happy holiday weekend.


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