Mother’s Day fishing

Sunday morning I got up and asked my wife what she wanted to do for Mother’s Day. Lucky for me she said we should go fishing, so around noon we packed up and headed off to Milford lake. With the wife, daughter, and dog our fishing location had to have easy water access and shade. Milford Lake State Park is a place that has all of that, but you have to pay to get in or have a yearly vehicle permit (well worth the 21.00 it cost) that I buy every spring. So we got a nice spot. It was a rocky ledge that dropped off into a deeper channel. My wife picked out a pink 2 inch grub with a yellow tail. It wasn’t long before she had a little smallmouth bass ( I released it before I got a picture). I started casting a Bomber 4A crankbait in a bluegill pattern. We continued to fish, as my daughter played with the dog. After an hour and no more fish we decided to move to a different section of the park, and another, and another.

I figured after the cold front that came through on Saturday that it would slow the fishing down some but we couldn’t seem to catch anything. My wife wasn’t giving up and wanted to stay and fish more, so I put a nightcrawler on one of my catfish rods and tossed it out. The weather was great 75 and sunny. I played with my girls till the wife had enough. Of course as we were packing up I see a nibble on my worm then the line went slack. I picked up the rod, reeled in the slack and I could still feel the fish so I reeled down on him (proper way to set the hook with a circle hook) and it was hooked. Unfortunately it didn’t fight much cause it was a small drum.

By then everyone was hungry so we decided to drive to town and grab some food and drive over to Geary County State Fishing Lake. There was a lot of people there fishing. I tossed out another worm and then started bass fishing with a Rage Toad. It took awhile but we managed to catch some Largemouth Bass and a small Channel Cat.


We might not have caught a lot of fish but it sure was a fun day with the family!


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