Thursday was a good day for fishing.

Lunch time on thursday came around and I knew I had to go see if the fish were biting at Milford lake. So I took a short drive to where I thought some wipers or white bass would be feeding.


So I made my way down the path to the rocky bank below and I had already tied on a blue and white Mister Twister 2.5″ sassy shad on my light action rod. On the third cast something smashed my lure and was pulling againt the drag of my reel. It didn’t take too long and I had my first wiper of the day.


It wasn’t a real big one but on a light action rod the fight pretty well. I released him back and went back to fishing. Not much later I hooked up a decent wiper and two white bass. I fished for a total of 30 minutes and had caught and released four fish. I had to get going back to work so I hiked back up to the car. Catching thoes few fish made the rest of my day at work go alot smoother.

After work I headed back to the lake and met my wife and daughter. I fixed my wife up with a three inch watermelon green grub and I tied on a Zara Puppy topwater lure and we fished while my daughter played in the sand and rocks. My wife was caught a little bit of everything from smallmouth bass to bluegill. I was able to catch two smallmouth bass, a crappie, and 2 white bass. Overall it was a great day of fishing and we had alot of fun. I knew the coming weekend was going to be full of tight lines and fun fish!


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