A saturday of fun fishing

After the fish I caught on Thursday I knew that saturday was going to be a great day of fishing again. With it being hotter than normal ( 93 saturday afternoon) I waited till it started to cool off some in the evening and headed for the lake about 6pm. I found a nice cove with a mixture of rock and sand bottom that had the wind blowing across it. My wife and my nephew (Matt) came along to fish with me. I tied on the same grub for my wife and sassy shad for me and Matt. It wasn’t long and Matt had a nice crappie so we put in the stringer to take home.

Shortly after that my wife hooked up with another keeper size crappie. I caught a couple of small crappie and I was getting my hopes up for a nice mess of fish for dinner. As it turned out the rest of the crappie we were catching were all too small for me to bother keeping.

I could see some bass feeding on top of the water so decided to tie on a Zara Puppy lure and see what I could catch. Nothing was biting for a while and then I finally hooked up with a little smallmouth bass.

Not long after that I caught a keeper size white bass and put him on the stringer to go with the two crappie we had. The small fish just kept on biting. Some of the white bass were almost as small as my lure.

We fished till around 10pm (with the moon being so bright and full we could have fished all night) and continued to catch some white bass and some little smallmouth. As the water and the weather warms up the fishing should continue to get better. I am going to try a spot that I think will hold some larger fish this coming weekend. I hope next time I will have some pictures of some good size bass.


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