Hello Fishing world!

Welcome to my little part of the fishing world. I figure for my first post I would sum up my fishing for the first part of 2012. The first couple months of the year were fishless for me. I couldn’t seem to get the local trout to bite at all.

Finally at the end of March I took off with the family and headed for Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee. It’s a great crappie and bluegill lake, but the weather was less then great the four days we were there. I managed to find some small crappie and some really nice bluegill to keep my wife and daughter entertained. The cypress trees growing all along the shore make Reelfoot a really fun place to fish for a Kansas boy like me.

April was the month that the fishing finally turned around for me. I got up on Sunday the first and headed for a local farm pond that is always great Largemouth fishing. Upon arriving there I knew it was going to be a great day. The bass were feeding on all kinds of insects on the surface of the water. I grabbed my favorite four and half inch Zara Spook (blue shad color) and started casting. The fish were just smashing it. You could catch a bass on almost every cast. Me and my wife fished for about three hours and caught over fourty fish. The biggest fish of the day being about 4 pounds (wife caught it). I wish everyday of fishing could be that fun! Here are a few pics from that day.

Later in April I went to Geary County Lake one evening and fished till dark for catfish. I caught a small Yellow Bullhead and some bluegill. The bullhead was caught on chicken liver and the bluegills ate good ole worms. There were alot of people fishing but nothing being caught other than bluegill. A few days later I took a drive to Ottawa State lake to see if the crappie were bitting there yet, a few people were catching them. I caught a small largemouth bass on the black and chartreuse crappie tube I was using.

Hopefully I will be bringing you more fishing tales soon.


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