#MuskyMeatMonday Fly

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Musky fly

The #MuskyMeatMonday fly of the day is big, articulated, and pushes tons of water! The fish will crush it! What more could you ask for?

I call it the Wiz Crusher. Only in black and yellow!

Yellow Perch fly fishing

A few weeks ago I was on vacation in Ohio and decided that I would try catching a yellow perch on a fly. I had never caught one before due to the fact that there are none in Kansas waters.

I found out to one of the reservoirs that has a nice population of perch. Before going I looked up a topo map and found a place where the deep water came closer to the bank. I figured this would be my best bet for the middle of the day fishing excursion.

I did some reading on the internet and found that black woolly buggers are the fly to use. So I rigged up my 5wt with a fast sinking poly leader and size 4 woolly bugger.

It was sunny with not a cloud in sight so I didn’t expect the fishing to be great. After fishing different parts of the water column I located my first fish.

Yellow Perch fly fishing, perch, ohio fly fishing

Yellow perch on a fly!

That was the only fish I was able to catch but I had accomplished what I came for! These fish are easy to catch, put up a good fight, and make for some fine table fare.

P.S. My daughter did catch the first perch of the day on a worm! We enjoyed it for supper!

Callie's first yellow perch!

Callie’s first yellow perch!

Driftless Iowa Trout Fishing

A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enought to be able to spend a day of my vacation fishing in the Northeast corner of Iowa, also known as the Driftless Region.

I arrived on Sunday evening and planned on fishing all day Monday. Sunday night a big storm rolled through and dumped rain on the area. I figured it wouldn’t affect all the waters so I got up early and headed out.

driftless Iowa, fly fishing Iowa

Clear creek was not so clear.

I planned on fishing at least 5 different waters but found the majority of them high and the color of chocolate milk. The only waters that were not high and dirty were the South Bear Creek and Seiwers Springs from the Decorah Fish Hatchery.

I stopped at a the Highlandville general store to pick up something to drink and spoke to an older gentelman that was very helpfull on where and how to access the waters of the area. I made my way along the creek that has many runs and pools. I found some fish rising in the tailout of a pool and found a spot I could cast to them.

South Bear Creek Trout

South Bear Creek Trout

It wasn’t long and I my first rainbow to hand.

Driftless rainbow trout, Iowa fly fishing

Driftless rainbow trout

I landed three more fish before moving on the the next area. As I started fishing the next area I heared a big boom of thunder and the rain started pouring down.

south bear creek iowa, Driftless Iowa Flyfishing

Fishing in the rain can be productive.

It was fairly warm out so I contuined fishing and a few minutes later I landed my second ever brook trout.

Iowa driftless brook trout

Quick pic in the rain and then realese!

After a quick picture and release I decided it was time to go dry out. So I headed back towards Decorah to visit the Hatchery and fish the springs that come out of it.

The Decorah fish hatchery raised rainbow and brook trout that are stocked in the local waters. I took my wife and daughter to visit the hatchery. The rainbows are raised in concrete runways and the brook trout were kept in large pond impoundments.

rainbow trout feeding, Decorah fish hatchery

Callie enjoyed feeding the trout

pellet pigs, Decorah fish hatchery

They love the pellets

The brook trout loved the pellets too!

The brook trout loved the pellets too!

After visiting the hatchery I fished the springs outlet from the hatchery. The rain earlier in the day had the water a little off color but I figured I could still catch a few fish. I found a section that had a nice bend in the creek with a riffle that pushed into the bend. I drifted a few nymphs through the feeding lanes and didn’t get any stikes. I decided to switch to something with more action to it, so I decided to try swinging a size 10 Purple Haze softhackle. A few swings later I hooked up with a small rainbow.

Iowa rainbow

Iowa rainbow

As I fished on though the stream I kept hoping for a brown to complete my three species of Iowa trout. After several more small rainbows I finally hooked the brown I was hoping for. It wasn’t big but the colors made up for the lack of size.

brown trout, Iowa driftless brown trout, Iowa fly fishing, Driftless fly fishing

Brown trout from the driftless of Iowa!

After that fish I decided it was time to call it a day. After all I had to take my wife to Chicago for a Cubs game the next day, since she put up with me fishing away a day on our vacation.

#MuskyMeatMonday The 44 Special Fly

As some of you that follow my instagram and twitter account know, I have fallen into the sickness know as “Flytying Junkie”. I figured it’s time I shared some of that here.

So with that I bring you the #MuskyMeatMonday fly for today. I call it the 44 Special Fly.

musky fly, fly fishing musky, 44 special

The 44 Special Fly

9 inches of bucktail and hackle with two 4/0 hooks. Nothing short of a monster fish would pass that up!

Fly Fishing Film Tour is coming to Kansas – F3T

This coming Saturday (May 3) the F3T will be playing at the Great Plains Nature Center is Wichita KS.

F3T Flyfishing film tour, Kansas

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is a showcase of some of the best fishing and nature short films. The local fly fishing club Flatland Fly Fishers will be hosting the event. Tickets are only $10.00. Buy them here.

Come out and enjoy some great nature films with great people!

The Sculpin

This morning I find myself daydreaming about the monster trout of the White and Norfork rivers in Arkansas. What allows these trout to grow so big is such an amazing food chain. One link of this chain has been on my mind ever since my last trip to fish these waters, the sculpin.

White River, sculpin, Norfork River

During my last trip to the Norfork my daughter and I found a sculpin that was freshly deceased. It gave me the opportunity to explain to her how some of the trout grow so big in these waters. Ever since that day, that sculpin has been stuck in my head.

white river sculpin, Norfork river sculpin, trout fishing, arkansas,

Sculpin of the Ozarks

Sculpin, white river brown trout, flyfishing,

On my next visit to the area I am going to be prepared with a box of big meaty streamers so I can target some of the carnivorous trout. Maybe I’ll get lucky and one of the 30″+ fish will be hungry that day! Until then I’ll keep tying and dreaming.

Galloup's Sex Dungeon

Big trout streamer

8wt fly rod tested

Over this past weekend I received an email from Braden about the 8wt rod I built for him. It seems that he’s giving it a good test on the steelhead running the creeks and rivers of western New York.

steelhead flyfishing

trout, steelhead, great lakes, flyfishing

flyfishing NY trout

NY steelhead fishing

His description of the rod action was “It’s got the right whip and supple enough to drop the small nymphs in where I want them. And it slows down the big boys.”

I’m glad to see he’s back out catching them after his loss with the fire. Keep it up!

If anyone is interested in one of these rods email me at donbowley@gmail.com.